Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This year halloween was so much fun. I think that it was because the kids were so excited for halloween. It was such a beautiful day until we walked out the door to go to the trunk or treat. Then the wind started to blow and it was really cold. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, it is Idaho - at least we didn't have to wear our snow suits. Jase is always the designated treat hander outer. He loves to tease all the kids as they come around.

Jase, Carter, Lexxi, Austin, Macy, Erin & Rikki
Austin, Macy, Carter & Lexxi

Painting Pumpkins. I decided that this year we would try to paint the pumpkins instead of carve them. The kids absolutely hate to put their hands in them to clean them out and I end up having to do all three. And then I have to carve them because even as much as Carter would like to have a knife to help, we would end up in the emergency room.

Austin as a Bakugon (still not sure what that even is, but he absolutely had to have this costume) Macy as a vampire (she wanted to be something scary), and Carter as Optimus Prime.