Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Austin & Carters 5th & 4th Birthdays

We had a fun birthday for the boys. We had presents from mom & dad on the 4th, then on the 5th we had everyone over and open more presents and had cupcakes. We had to do cupcakes because we had a disagreement on the color of cake we should have. Carter wanted green and Austin wanted orange. The boys got a bunch of transfomer toys, a camo overnight bag, a new video game, and some clothes. I asked them what they wanted me to make them for their birthday dinners and Austin wanted Ramon Noodles and Carter wanted hot dogs. It was the easiest birthday dinners I have ever done.



Blowing out the candles

Austin & Carter opening presents


Jed Tricia Cooper and Porter said...

Wow- you know your own kids are getting big.. but I can't believe how big your boys have gotten! They should still be so little and they are not! Carter looks taller than Austin in these picts.... is he? Well it looks like they had a good birthday!