Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ohio or Bust!

Macy was a very lucky girl this October and she got to go on a trip with Grandpa & Grandma Bird to Ohio to visit Aunt Brittney. She was so excited to go. I think she was the most excited about getting out of school for 4 days and to be seeing Isabelle. It was really hard for me to have my girl gone for so long without me. I was excited that she was able to go but I really missed her.

Macy on the airplane - she brought home so many bags of peanuts.
Macy & Isabelle at the pumpkin festiville.

Helping girl Kate her first bath.

Grandpa arranged his entire trip on what Ohio State game would be the best to attend. And of course you can't go to the game without your red, good thing Spencer took care of him.

Macy finally got to go to a Build A Bear Workshop. She told Grandpa before they left, when he asked her what she wanted to do on their vacation, go to build a bear and swimming. At least they were able to do one of them.

Grandma helping Macy get all the accessories.