Monday, April 7, 2008

Baseball night at the Rumsey's

Tonight, even though the temperature has not been all that nice, we couldn't wait to get outside and play. We still have so much snow in our yard, so we had to play ball in the driveway. We still had a good night, hitting the ball. Carter, of course, had to find the mud puddle and get right in it.

Little Miss Daisy Mae

Macy put this little outfit together. I tried so hard not to laugh by she looked so dang cute. She was pretty proud of herself.

Opening day at the IF Zoo

Today was the 1st day the Idaho Falls Zoo opened for the season. It was not as warm as we would have liked by the kids have been asking to go to the zoo for months now, so we decided that we would give it a try. It was great! The weather left much to be desired but all the animals were out and moving around. They had a lion cub, a baby camel, and a baby kangaroo. We had a great time despite the colder spring weather.

A New Cousin

Erin & Rikki had a little girl March 21st, Lexxi Dee. The kids sure were excited to have her finally here. It's like having a little sister without the sleepness nights. I sure am loving it.

Valentines 2008

We sure love Valentine's Day. Macy had a lot of fun this year at school. She came home with so much candy. It was better than Halloween. The kids had a fun Valentine's party at the daycare too. We stayed in tonight and had a really nice family Valentine's dinner.

Blame it on Elnino!

WOW!!! It has been a really long time since I can remember having this much snow in a winter. The kids have had so much fun playing in it, and have loved climbing all the drifts. I have not had as much fun having to drive in it every morning, but we need the moisture. This moose has been hanging out at our house for most of the winter. He keeps eating the willow tree, good thing that we don't like that tree anyway.