Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bear Lake

It's always funnier with more people. We all spent Saturday at the lake. We had so much fun, playing in the water, soaking up the sun, and eating lots of snacks. What a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

Nicole, Hadley & Brittney, How is it that our little brother is so much bigger than us now.
Austin & his "tough guy" pose.
Just playing in the dirt. Life couldn't be better.
Time out for a little lunch. Need to refuel.

Swimming at Grandma's house

We had so much fun at Grandma's house playing in the pool. The kids loved the swim, even though the water was cold.

Picnic in the park

After the air show we decided that we needed a picnic in the park. We ate and then the kids played. What a fun filled day.

I couldn't believe that Carter actually got on the swing. He always cries, but finally he is able to enjoy it.

Air Show - Rexburg

Father's day weekend we went to the air show. It was really good and we had the best time. Especially Jase, he loves planes and he has obviously passed that on to his boys because they had a great time too.

Macy & Isabelle
The boys and the planes that grandpa bought them.
Some of the planes.

Dad's 50TH!!! Birthday!!!

That's right. Dad turned 50 years old. As he would put it "a half a century old". I told him it was all down hill from here.
Man that is a lot of candles.

Happy Birthday Dad, we love you!

Planting the Garden

Ok, so the weather in Idaho leaves much to be desired, but we had to get the garden planted. It was not so warm and we ending up planting half the garden in the rain (we ended up soaked). But we managed to have a good time spending time together. It will all be worth it when we are eating corn on the cob.

Kindergarten Graduation

My little girl graduated from kindergarten. I can't believe how big is now. We were so proud of her. Grandma Bird bought her the graduation dress, and Grandpa Bird picked it out for her.