Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jase's Elk 10-15-08

Jase went hunting today with Rick and some of Rick's friends. It was a new area to all of them, but they lucked out and Jase was able to get a spike elk. Not the set of horns he was hoping for, but after not seeing any elk last year he decided that he would take what he could get. We are really excited to have the extra meat for the winter. He was so proud of himself and the kids thought he was pretty cool stuff too. They were full of a million questions about what had happened, where he had been, and what he was doing.


Teri said...

That is NUTS that you have snow on the ground. WE have gotten rain storm after rain storm...this hole week has been a muddy puddle of rain.
My boys think that is awsome that your husband could kill that cow....(a little sad at first butt then the coolness set in..)
Can you tell we are raising a bunch of city kids...