Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday morning snow!

I know that I live in Idaho, and it shouldn't surprise me, but it always seems to. I woke up Sunday morning to this....
I could hardly believe that we had that much snow. It was so cold too, not another surprising fact for Idaho. I always get excited at the first snow. It was so beautiful how it blanked all the ground with a beautiful coat of white. I figured that by the time we got out of church that it would all be gone. That is usually how it works around here, and the kids were anxious to play in the new snow. I was suprised to see the snow still on the ground when we came out of church. The kids changed into snow coats as soon as they got home and ran outside to build a snowman. And much to my suprise it snowed some more this afternoon. They claim it is going to warm up at the end of the week, so maybe we will have a little more fall before we have to endure winter again.


Vanessa Josephson said...

It's Vanessa, JD's wife, I was doing a search for your address and came across a blog - even better - I can ask you directly - what's your new address? THANKS!