Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Ready for Halloween

We carved pumpkins today. The trunk n' treat is on Tuesday night, and I thought that it would be fun to take the pumpkins with us. The kids had so much fun doing this. Macy and Carter were good sports, but Austin was not about to put his hand in the pumpkin. I looked over at him halfway through and had to laugh. He was standing on the chair, with a disturbed look on his face and his nose plugged. He couldn't stand the smell of the pumpkin as much as he couldn't stand the feel of it. He had to go to the other room. I laughed. My big tough boy was taken out by a pumpkin.

Saturday the D.A.R.E program had kids come to "Dr. Slaughter's House of Terror". They had nice monsters and handed out treats on the way through the spooke alley. The kids had fun, but their favorite part was the train that took everyone back to the parking lot. It was fun for them to get dressed up in their costumes.
Carter - Turtle, Austin - Tiger, Macy - Witch


Nate and Ashley Leonardson said...

Your kids are so cute and they are getting HUGE!! Looks like they have a lot of fun together!!

~*JUST THE THREE OF US*~ said...

o my gosh when i read about austin being completely grossed out by the pumpkin rikki and i were both laughing....i could picture it perfect.....him sitting there with his little nose all wrinkled and a look like "you guys really think this is FUN?" hahahah i miss you all tons!!! we will come see you sometime soon!! love you lots!