Saturday, June 13, 2009


We had a tragedy in our family this week. My brother was in an accident with a horse trailer. The trailer came off the pickup and rolled killing my moms horse Bou and hurting my dad's horse Amber. My mom was so upset about losing her horse. The trailer below is after they got it put back together. The front of the trailer came off. Bou is now buried in the field behind Burtenshaw's cabin. We went with mom and dad to Kilgore to take Hadley more horses. The boys had fun playing in the field and picking the wild flowers.

Macy got to ride lilly and go with Grandpa & Hadley through the field to check the fence. She loved the ride but kept telling me the next day that her bum hurt.


Jed Tricia Cooper and Porter said...

Thats awful!! I'm assuming Hadley's alright.. since nothing was mentioned about it. Losing a horse is like losing a member of your family... so sorry to hear it!