Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

The Rumsey's always do their family party on Christmas Eve. It is a lot of fun, we exchange and open up all of our presents, have a huge meal and everyone has a great time. This is especially fun because the kids get to open up some presents a little early, and it helps Christmas eve to go by a little faster. Our little family after the party.

Jase & Lexxi. We had to buy our little niece this cute Bronco's outfit. Usually her mom and dad come over on Sunday's and we have a lot of fun watching all of the NFL games, relaxing and eating yummy things. Her daddy is a huge Miami Dolphins fan and we at our house are big Bronco's fans, so we had to get her this outfit. Even her daddy thought she looked pretty cute in orange and blue.


~*JUST THE THREE OF US*~ said...

o she just loves her uncle jase! gooooo Broncos!!!!!