Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pioneer Days

OK, so I know that I am a little slow to post, but I have really good intentions of getting better. These are the pictures from the Pioneer Day's parade. It is such a fun parade to go to. The kids had so much fun. After the parade we went to Grandma's to swim. Thats the best way to spend the after noon after a parade. Cooling off in the pool.
Macy with her bag to put all of her candy in. We were glad we had it, we ended up with so much candy.
Austin wearing mom's shades. He has such a hard time in the sun and refused to wear his own glasses. Apparently mom's work better.
The love of my life!
Little Lexxi, she is so stinkin' cute.
Carter, he thought he was pretty big stuff sitting in dad's chair.