Thursday, July 10, 2008


Do you ever have a day where you feel like your life is in complete chaos. Well I have been having a week of it. I have so many things that I want to get done, and so many ideas for things to do, and it seems like the harder I try to get it all done the less that gets accomplished. I am not even talking about my regular house cleaning chores (which by the way are not getting done). I have lots of projects that I have started and not yet completed. The funniest thing is that the more chaos I feel the more ideas I get. Now if I could just figure out how to keep track of them all.

Today Jase made the comment to me that their watering was slowing down and summer was half over. To him this means getting the crops harvested and then slowing down. I was so sad when I thought about summer being half over. It seems like it just started, I am not ready for it to be over already.

My Macy starts school in a month. Oh how I am not looking forward to the chaos of school mornings. Stressing myself out making sure that we have everything and getting her to the bus in time so that she doesn't miss it. Macy is bored with summer already and looking forward to being in the 1st grade. Oh how she is growing up, 6 going on 18. Sometimes I can't believe the drama that we have to deal with. Jase keeps asking me if it is going to get better and I informed him "Absolutely Not!!!! Next we hit puberty and it will be twice as bad" Oh not looking forward to that. I am hower looking forward to school shopping and buying her lots of new school clothes. She is so like me and hates to shop. That is where the internet has saved my life. I can go on there, pick out exactly what I want and have it sent directly to my door. No more crowds, man life is good.

Ok, so enough rambling. I have a long list of things that need to be done, and it's not going to get done on it's own. Best of luck with your chaos.