Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Ready for Halloween

We carved pumpkins today. The trunk n' treat is on Tuesday night, and I thought that it would be fun to take the pumpkins with us. The kids had so much fun doing this. Macy and Carter were good sports, but Austin was not about to put his hand in the pumpkin. I looked over at him halfway through and had to laugh. He was standing on the chair, with a disturbed look on his face and his nose plugged. He couldn't stand the smell of the pumpkin as much as he couldn't stand the feel of it. He had to go to the other room. I laughed. My big tough boy was taken out by a pumpkin.

Saturday the D.A.R.E program had kids come to "Dr. Slaughter's House of Terror". They had nice monsters and handed out treats on the way through the spooke alley. The kids had fun, but their favorite part was the train that took everyone back to the parking lot. It was fun for them to get dressed up in their costumes.
Carter - Turtle, Austin - Tiger, Macy - Witch

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jase's Elk 10-15-08

Jase went hunting today with Rick and some of Rick's friends. It was a new area to all of them, but they lucked out and Jase was able to get a spike elk. Not the set of horns he was hoping for, but after not seeing any elk last year he decided that he would take what he could get. We are really excited to have the extra meat for the winter. He was so proud of himself and the kids thought he was pretty cool stuff too. They were full of a million questions about what had happened, where he had been, and what he was doing.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday morning snow!

I know that I live in Idaho, and it shouldn't surprise me, but it always seems to. I woke up Sunday morning to this....
I could hardly believe that we had that much snow. It was so cold too, not another surprising fact for Idaho. I always get excited at the first snow. It was so beautiful how it blanked all the ground with a beautiful coat of white. I figured that by the time we got out of church that it would all be gone. That is usually how it works around here, and the kids were anxious to play in the new snow. I was suprised to see the snow still on the ground when we came out of church. The kids changed into snow coats as soon as they got home and ran outside to build a snowman. And much to my suprise it snowed some more this afternoon. They claim it is going to warm up at the end of the week, so maybe we will have a little more fall before we have to endure winter again.

Feeding the Ducks

Well we have moved. It was quite an experience. It was hard for us to leave our old home. It has been home for so long and we were all so comfortable there. It was the only home that they boy's had ever known. But change is inevitable and we embraced it as best we could. Jase started a new job the end of August. It has been so much better and we have enjoyed having our had with us. It has been challenging for him and very different from anything that he has ever done, but he is doing well with it. We decided that we would relocate and then we didn't have to do a bunch of commuting. The move was a lot of work. Man I can't believe how much stuff we had collected. We did a lot of cleaning out and simplifying which I actually enjoyed. We had a lot of great help moving and appreciated everyone that was willing to spend their daying moving our stuff. We would not have been able to do it without great family. The first week that we were here Aunt Andrea came and took the kids to the river to feed the ducks. They had such a good time and it was so sweet of her to spend the afternoon with them. How blessed we are to have family all around us.